Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT) is Manitoba's local data services provider. 

Business and IT leaders turn to us when:                                   

  • Network technology is a critical business driver.
  • Carrier and physical diversity is required to ensure network uptime.
  • Network outages have affected their business.
  • They want the simplicity of one carrier across Manitoba.
  • A private network, instead of an Internet VPN, makes sense.

Carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) turn to us when:

  • They need to connect Manitoba locations to a larger network.
  • They are building a physically diverse and resilient data network.
  • They are looking for a custom solution instead of a standard service.
  • Our network will enable their growth plans in Manitoba.
  • They are looking for a committed partner who is invested in their success.

We create these outcomes through our data services, including dedicated Internet access, wide area Ethernet services, Wavelength services, data centre colocation, and tower colocation services.

Our clients choose us because of:                 

  • Local, personal support. When clients have questions, they have access to the team that designed their network.
  • Our secure and trusted network, enabling them to confidently conduct business.
  • Physically diverse network infrastructure, which is essential for those who rely on connectivity.
  • Network reach; we offer services in areas where others do not.
  • Our carrier-neutral approach; we collaborate with service providers to provide custom solutions. 
  • Our purpose-built, high capacity data network.

Owned and operated by Manitobans, MHT creates unique solutions for our clients. Let’s connect to enable your service.


Life is better when we connect