Upgrading for Growth: Monarch Industries Ltd.

To go to the Cloud, or not? That is a question on the mind of IT Directors today. Many enterprises are embracing cloud technology and shifting to a cloud-computing environment. Cloud migration promises to bring many benefits, including service flexibility, data security, reduced costs, and disaster recovery.

To accommodate the process of moving data, applications, and other business elements to the Cloud, enterprises need to have the proper supports in place to ensure availability. For Winnipeg-based Monarch Industries Ltd., this process included a review of their network. “We are moving more services to the Cloud, and as a result, there is a greater requirement for more uptime,” said Jeff Dhaene, Monarch’s Director of Information Technology.

Monarch, a long-term customer of Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT), found their wireless connection to be the final bottleneck in their network. Working with MHT, Monarch planned to upgrade their point-to-point connection to fibre. “It made sense to upgrade this last piece for future growth and expansion,” said Dhaene. “The fibre connection with MHT gives us the full spectrum of connectivity.”

MHT-Monarch-Cloud-Article photo.png (698 KB)

The MHT fibre connection provides Monarch with the benefit of more bandwidth, as well as redundancy in their network. This connection gives Monarch a larger pipe and a diverse private connection with their other Manitoba location in Winkler. Connecting to the MHT network allows Monarch to enable a second Internet connection. “Having a second fibre connection and a second Internet service provider at each of our locations ensures that we are always up and that we have full access to our systems,” said Dhaene.

The timing of the fibre upgrade has been important, given the recent increase in remote work. “It gives us more flexibility, especially with more people using online tools like Microsoft Teams now,” said Dhaene. The addition of a second Internet connection also provides some peace-of-mind, especially when it comes to business continuity. “If we do have one Internet service provider go down, we can still keep our operations going,” said Dhaene.  

The new fibre connectivity and redundant Internet connection through MHT are positioning Monarch for a successful cloud migration. “Monarch believes in quality in everything that we do, and so we want that from our service providers as well,” said Dhaene. “Monarch’s long term relationship with MHT has been beneficial for both parties.”