MHT Expands its Fibre Footprint in St. James and Omand's Creek

MHT is continuing to expand its service availability in Winnipeg for technology focused organizations, businesses, and other Internet service providers. We are excited to announce the St. James and Omand’s Creek Industrial areas as newly connected regions in our fibre-optic network.

Our organization offers Internet access up to 1 Gbps, as well as wide area Ethernet services. Our network is optimized for the business customer, as we only serve commercial and wholesale customers. Our customers enjoy a scalable service, access to data centres across Winnipeg, and local customer support.

Connectivity with our service enables more than just an Internet connection; our open model allows customers to purchase additional services, such as a phone or television services, from a variety of other carriers. Our Internet customers have the freedom and flexibility to choose the services that best suit their needs, regardless of the provider.

To learn more about our Internet service in the St. James and Omand’s Creek Industrial areas, please contact Tom Connon, Business Development Manager, at 204-480-5239.

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